This Agreement, which includes the rules that all the members have agreed, has been signed by and between “AZURINE YATÇILIK DANISMANLIK TURIZM VE TICARET ANONIM SIRKETI” (hereinafter referred to as “Yacht Crew Turkey ”in this Agreement) and yourself who have accessed to the website that is owned by Yacht Crew Turkey, and it is deemed to have been signed without the requirement of an additional protocol between Yacht Crew Turkey  and the visitors in the event that Yacht Crew Turkey is commenced to be used in any way.

Yacht Crew Turkey requires from the members their personal data at the time of and after the membership. Protection of personal data and sustaining privacy is our primary focus as the Yacht Crew Turkey  team. For this reason, the information you have provided without be used outside the scope of the rules and purposes specified under the Terms of Use, and will not be shared with third parties.

Any information of any nature shared with Yacht Crew Turkey by the candidates who fill in the resume form on, will be shared with selective member employers in accordance with the services provided by the website. By sharing such information with Yacht Crew Turkey, the candidates hereby agree in advance with the sharing of the information as a matter of service type.

Yacht Crew Turkey shall not be held responsible for the breaching of the principles by the person and / or organization who becomes of a member of our Site but fails to abide by the privacy policy agreed upon between the parties.

In case of the following limited situations, Yacht Crew Turkey shall have the right to disclose users’ information to third parties outside the provisions of this “Privacy Policy”. Such situations being limited in number, shall be as follows;

Having to abide by the requirements stipulated by the legal rules that have been issued by the competent law authorities and that are in effects such as Law, Decree Law, Regulations, etc.;

Request made in relation to the users for the purpose of duly performance of a research or performance of an inquiry by a competent administrative and judicial authority;

Situations wherein giving information is required in order to protect the users’ rights or safety.

Provisions in relation to the Privacy Policy:

1. Certain sections can be accessed to by a user’s name and a password on Yacht Crew in order to protect the privacy of all the information pertaining to our individual and corporate members.

2. Member’s right to benefit from the Site only belong to that member, it cannot be transferred to others. The member is responsible for the privacy of his/her user’s name and password, and members are not allowed to let third parties or corporate use them. In case such misuse is identified by Yacht Crew Turkey, Yacht Crew Turkey shall have the right to terminate the related membership at any moment without having to give a reason.

3. Yacht Crew Turkey shall have no responsibility relating to the situations that may arise from the use of user’s name and password by third parties either with or without permission. Any legal and punitive responsibility that may arise shall lay with the Member. Breach of this Clause may cause the unilateral termination of the services provided to the Member as specified under Clause 2, without any notice. In case it is found out that the password is being used without permission, it shall be the Member’s responsibility to inform Yacht Crew Turkey.

4. Yacht Crew Turkey shall have no responsibility whatsoever regarding the negative outcome that may arise from the acts of individual and corporate members who fail to abide by and / or ignore the security-privacy policy which has been agreed upon as members of the Yacht Crew Turkey during the membership registration phase. In case of determination of such negative situation, it shall be the member’s responsibility to contact Yacht Crew Turkey immediately.

5. Yacht Crew Turkey  hereby declares that it has taken all measures regarding electronic security expect for situations arising from force majeure and /or required by administrative-law enforcement units, and Yacht Crew Turkey  further promises to its members that it will take all steps in order to prevent access to the data in case of electronic attacks by 3rd parties. In the event that a member’s data is stolen, deleted from the system or changes as a result of a cyber attack by 3rd parties, Yacht Crew Turkey  undertakes to do its best to notify its Member as soon as possible.

6. Yacht Crew Turkey  shall keep its members’ information within the framework of Law No: 6698 on Protection of Personal data. Member’s data will be used within the scope of the legislation for job and employee finding function only. Yacht Crew Turkey  has the right to make changes to the privacy policy. All changes made will be notified to all the members.

7. Member may ask for information from Yacht Crew Turkey  as to for what purpose his/her data is being used and which data is being used, and Yacht Crew Turkey  undertakes to inform the member as soon as possible. Such information will be free of charge and if the required transaction entails a cost, Yacht Crew Turkey will ask the Member to pay the fee that is identified in the fee tariff determined by the Personal Data Protection Board after the transaction has been completed. Yacht Crew Turkey undertakes to carefully generate a solution as would be expected from Yacht Crew Turkey  before the Member files a complaint t the Personal Data Protection Board regarding his/her questions, and Yacht Crew Turkey  further promises to deliver such solution within its capacity pursuant to the Law on Protection of Personal Data.

8. Yacht Crew Turkey  is responsible for keeping a Member’s identity, training and professional information for a period of 5 (five) years within the scope of the legislation and submit the same upon request of Turkish Employment Agency.

9. The intended use of Member’s information by Yacht Crew Turkey is as follows;

- Personal and Contact Information, Demographic Data: (Name, surname and contact information) are user for member registration, creating history, contract, business development, marketing and advertising activities, promotion and information.

- Social Network Information: is used in order to facilitate easier access to the site via Members’ current social network accounts and to provide better service by enhancing users experience together with the performance and development of operational activities such as business development, marketing, communication by means of data collected accordingly.

- Background information: is the information required for the site to deliver proper service.

10. Yacht Crew Turkey  privacy policy is a document that contains the purpose of use of information that we have obtained in relation to our members and the method of use of the site.

11. Member hereby agrees that s/he will be deemed to have read and agreed to this Privacy Policy as a member to Yacht Crew Turkey, and the Privacy Policy take effect in relation to such member. In case of disputes arising from the performance of this Privacy Policy, the Central Courts and Bailiff Offices in İstanbul shall have jurisdiction for the settlement of such disputes.

12. Member hereby agrees that s/he shall ensure the preservation of personal data within the scope of Law no.6698 on Protection of Personal Data.

13. Member hereby agrees and undertakes that s/he has read, understood, agreed the entire clauses included within this accession Privacy Policy, and that s/he confirms the accuracy of the information s/he has given in relation to himself/herself.

14. We wish to thank you for your interest and trust in Yacht Crew Turkey’s privacy policy.